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No dia 30 de janeiro o articulista e sua esposa se deslocaram até Thonburi onde foram visitar dois templos budistas, este Wat Kun Chan é majestoso e lindo de ser visto

Works great ruler possessed the great Amartya (citadel of Amatayakul) is the second son of the royal treasure Museum (TCM).

As the eldest son. Which the Lord the King the title of pasha eating.
Born Year of the Ox. H.s. 1143 (BE 2324) in the reign of King Taksin.
When a child grow up to marry Miss Luang properties (J. sleazy Falcon) and a small school.
The house, which is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, the temple bell. Thonburi province.

Lord Pasha. (Fort) was a servant in the land of King entrusting skyline.
Later in the reign of King Nang Klao Chao Yu Hua. Be ordered. The captains and above.
Chao joined forces Supawadee. Strike force walled city Mon Vientiane is the force in the year 2370.
After the war the city Vientiane. So I built up the land in Klong Bang Luang Garden.
About the year 2381 and named Wat Khun Mon Khlong Bang Luang temple turned into a temple.
The fruit, which is the only time I cut through.

Lord Pasha (fort) with a lady with a child is a class 4 is 8.

One. Female named Bush.
Two. Persimmon after a man named Lord Trrmsar Laws Wichita loyalty.

3. A man named Sundiata was later Lord Indra Works Committee.

4. A similar name, but died young.

Five. Boys name U edged ruler after the Council. The governor of the city of London.

6. Boys name is the hard mode, the present study Koson.

7. A man named after a Tartar prince Trrmsar Laws Museum loyalty.

8. A woman named Sara Wan, a Dame Integrated Care Support Rutter. He later became Dame Kandal. In the land of King Rama V.

When Lord Pasha (fort) to demise at the age of 68 years (AD 2391).
About 35 years later, the temple has deteriorated very fattening Monday.
Youngest son served in Wanghlwg Rama V and King Rama 5.
The product has a maid at the compound. Have been used to close the Iuclbat.
A memorial to his father, the grace restored the finishing order to better Monday.
I told His Majesty King Rama V clemency.
A measure and is intended to be dedicated to Luang. He graciously. Given a new name by the sacred.
The author's name and the name of a new measure that is restoration together. "The product that I can access Rama Rama Ram".
The book of evidence graciously bestowed the name on the year 2426.
It appears in this book. Locals call this measure. "Monday is Johnny Appleseed".

Continue until this day. You Thao's chemical products. The full title of the original. Sara Watkins products Dame's support. From the reign of the fourth.
After being given the name does not appear that it was a Monday Wat Khun Luang chemical compound Thao's Act 2430.
It was given the title of Dame is the Kandal.
Introduced a duty for the parties. King Rama 5.
Thao has Kandal (L.) death did not appear to have any one person in the family Amatayakul.
This temple was renovated. Subsequently remained until the reign of the seventh.
The restoration has continued. Wise to include pop ups and Tuesday the completion of the cremation ceremony then.
The Chapel was packed Monday as day finishing around 2477.

You Higmligm the Amatayakul (6) Children under attractive accessory power (Aim 5).

History, finishing Monday to hear the ferry down to the river.
Very poor condition, so I brought up the discussion with some familiar Thera adult body.
One monk had broken my right. This then temple at Wat Tong Pu.
(Wat Chana Songkhram, Bangkok Banglumpoo) you Higmligm Viravaidya (the Amatayakul 6th).
A pioneer in the restoration of the temple in the reign of the seventh Monday titled "Grand Hall Pho" very poor.

When World War 2 was blown into the front of the temple. A large Bodhi tree.
The blast caused the collapse of the temple walls. Broken bricks everywhere.

Dean called "The Royal" Grand Hall Pho is a temporary roof.
Luang Pho Khun temple with a priest from the first Monday. Was left in the sun, the rain, no roof.
The tin roof is made by you and Veera Viravaidya.

The Chinese people and the restoration of the temple are believed to be about 2,506.

Currency in Amatayakul the ceremony for the first time about one hundred Year 2532.
The Foundation Amatayakul and relatives in the genus Amatayakul ceremony was about one hundred years, 2533.

Can my family's Amatayakul Foundation is leading discussions with lapses in Amatayakul (7).
The service department in the ministry as Her Royal Highness the Princess. Her Royal Highness Princess and the.

To bring up respectfully King Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
The invitation came as President presented the Kathina cloth. Saturday, October 13, 2533 Period 150 years ago.

Donated land to build a school, a 2-storey building.
The current elementary school. Students from grade 1 to grade 6.
Unfortunately, the details of finishing late Monday in the reign of King Rama 5 and 6 are missing.

The current abbot. Renovation, construction develop artifacts.
The temple. Jedi Temple courtyard. Sala charitable. And buildings.
Deteriorated to. Faith through the Sacrament of contributing factors.
Both in Thailand and abroad, to acquire a cult following.
This past Wat Khun Mon

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Prof Ms João Paulo de Oliveira disse...
Caro amigo António Cambeta!
Que deleite se deparar com este encantador Mosteiro!
Caloroso abraço! Saudações sacras!
Até breve...
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Amigo Cambeta,
Isto jé é um roteiro turístico!
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